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The following list documents CD reviews I've written for American Record Guide from March/April 1999 to the present. This list is considerably more detailed than the ARG indexes (published every January), since it presents a more comprehensive account of pieces reviewed. The reviews themselves may be easily accessed through an online indexing resource such as ProQuest, though such resources require subscription (usually provided by universities, public libraries, and the like). American Record Guide is not an online periodical. The final column on the right enters the issue in which the cited review appears (M/A00 = March/April 2000). This list will be updated annually. I welcome corrections and helpful information from scholars and composers relating to the music covered below.
ARG Issue
ADAMS, John Century Rolls Ax (p) Nonesuch 79607 [M/J01]
Chairman Dances, The Actes Sud 34102 [J/A01]
Chamber Symphony Adams Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Chamber Symphony Bosc Actes Sud 34102 [J/A01]
Chamber Symphony Jarvi CCnC 49 [N/D 99]
China Gates Russo (p) Black Box 1098 [J/A05]
China Gates Shaham (p) Canary 11 [J/A14]
Christian Zeal and Activity Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Christian Zeal and Activity Bosc Actes Sud 34102 [J/A01]
City Noir Robertson Nonesuch 541356 [S/O14]
Common Tones in Simple Time Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Dharma at Big Sur Silverman (6 Nonesuch 79857 [J/F 07]
Dr. Atomic Symphony Robertson Nonesuch 468220 [N/D 09]
El Dorado Nagano Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Eros Piano Crossley (p) Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Fearful Symmetries Adams Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Fearful Symmetries Bosc Actes Sud 34102 [J/A01]
Fearful Symmetries Jarvi, K. CCnC 1912 [M/A02]
Flowering Tree Adams Nonesuch 327100 [N/D08]
Gnarly Buttons Collins (cl) Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Gospel According to the Other Mary Dudamel DG 5129 [M/J14]
Grand Pianola Music Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Guide to Strange Places Robertson Nonesuch 468220 [N/D 09]
Hallelujah Junction Parker, Shaham (2p) Canary 11 [J/A14]
Hallelujah Junction Russo, Ehnes (2p) Black Box 1098 [J/A05]
Harmonielehre Thomas San Francisco Symphony 53 [J/A 12]
Harmonielehre deWaart Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Harmonium deWaart Nonesuch 79453 [M/A00]
Hoodoo Zephyr Adams Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
John’s Book of Alleged Dances Kronos Qr. Nonesuch 79453 [M/A00]
Lollapalooza Nagano Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Lollapalooza Nagano Nonesuch 79607 [M/J01]
My Father Knew Charles Ives Adams Nonesuch 79857 [J/F07]
Naïve and Sentimental Music Salonen Nonesuch 79636 [S/O02]
On the Transmigration of Souls Maazel Nonesuch 79816 [M/J05]
On the Transmigration of Souls Spano Telarc 80673 [S/O09]
Phrygian Gates Russo (p) Black Box 1098 [J/A05]
Road Movies Ehnes (vn) Black Box 1098 [J/A05]
Saxophone Concerto McAllister Nonesuch 541356 [S/O14]
Shaker Loops Adams Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Short Ride on a Fast Machine Thomas San Francisco Symphony 53 [J/A 12]
Slonimsky’s Earbox Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
Slonimsky’s Earbox Nagano Nonesuch 79607 [M/J01]
Son of Chamber Symphony Adams Nonesuch 523014 N/D 11]
Songs, 4 Actes Sud 34102 [J/A01]
String Quartet St. Lawrence Qr Nonesuch 523014 [N/D 11]
Tromba Lontana Adams Late Junction 30012 [J/F04]
Violin Concerto Hanslip Naxos 559302 [J/F07]
Violin Concerto Josefowicz Late Junction 30012 [J/F04]
Violin Concerto McDuffie Telarc 80494 [J/F00]
Wound Dresser Maltman (bari) Late Junction 30012 [J/F04]
Wound Dresser Sylvan (bari) Nonesuch 75453 [M/A00]
ADAMS, John Luther Among Red Mountains Drury (p) Cold Blue 26 [J/F08]
At a Still Point (elect) Cold Blue 32 [S/O09]
Bells Remembered Calliphumpian Consort Cold Blue 35 [S/O 11]
Dark Waves Drury, Takagi (2p) Cold Blue 26 [J/F08]
Farthest Place (ens.) Cold Blue 10 [M/A03]
4000 Holes Calliphumpian Consort Cold Blue 35 [S/O 11]
For Lou Harrison Drury New World 80669 [J/F 08]
Immeasurable Space of Tones (ens.) Cold Blue 10 [M/A03]
In a Room (elect) Cold Blue 32 [S/O09]
In the Rain (elect) Cold Blue 32 [S/O 09]
In the White Silence Weiss New World 80600 [S/O03]
Inuksuit Perkins Cantaloupe 21096 [S/O14]
Light that Fills the World (ens.) Cold Blue 10 [M/A03]
The Place We Began (elect) Cold Blue 32 [S/O09]
Qilyuan Deal, Gerber (perc) Cold Blue 26 [J/F08]
Red Arc/Blue Veil Drury, Takagi Cold Blue 26 [J/F08]
ADES, Thomas America: A Prophecy Bickley (mz) EMI 576102 [J/A04]
Brahms Maltman (bari) EMI 576102 [J/A04]
Cardiac Arrest Composers Ens EMI 576102 [J/A04]
Choral Works (Fayrfax Carol; Fool’s Rhymes; January Writ; Oh Thou…) Polyphony EMI 576102 [J/A04]
In 3 Days Ades Signum 277 [J/A 12]
Life Story McFadden (s) EMI 576102 [J/A04]
Lover in Winter Blaze (ct) EMI 576102 [J/A04]
Piano Quintet Ades,Arditti Qr EMI 57664 [S/O05]
Nancarrow Studies 6-7 Hodges, Ades, Hinds (p) Signum 277 [J/A 12]
ADOLPHE, Bruce Ladino Songs of Love and Suffering Shelton (s) Naxos 559413 [M/J04]
Mikhoels the Wise (exc) Mills (s), Watson (bari) Naxos 559413 [M/J04]
Out of the Whirlwind Pancella (mz), Aler (t) Naxos 559413 [M/J04]
AHO, Kalevi Bass Concerto Hunter BIS 1866 [M/J14]
Book of Questions Groop (mz) BIS 1686 [N/D 09]
Chamber Symphony 1 Kantorow BIS 1126 [J/A 12]
Chamber Symphony 2 Kantorow BIS 1126 [J/A 12]
Chamber Symphony 3 Kantorow BIS 1126 J/A 12]
Chinese Songs Vahevarra(s) BIS 1066 [J/F01]
Minea Väinskä BIS 1866 [M/J14]
Symphonic Dances Vanska BIS 1336 [S/O04]
Symphony 2 Vanska BIS 936 [M/J 99]
Symphony 3 Vanska BIS 1186 [S/O03]
Symphony 4 Vanska BIS 1066 [JF01]
Symphony 7 Vanska BIS 936 [M/J 99]
Symphony 11 Vanska BIS1336 [S/O04]
Symphony 14 Storgards BIS 1686 [N/D09]
Symphony 15 Vänskä BIS 1866 [J/F14]
Viola Concerto Gribajcevic BIS 1686 [N/D09]
ALBERT, Steven In Concordiam Talvi (v) Naxos 559708 [J/A 12]
ALI-ZADEH,Franghez Apsheron Quintet Ali-Zadeh,Kronos Qr Nonesuch 79804 [M/J05]
Mugam Sayagi Kronos Qr Nonesuch 79804 [M/J05]
Music for Piano Ali-Zadeh Nonesuch 79804 [M/J05]
Oasis Kronos Qr Nonesuch 79804 [M/J05]
AMAYA, Efrain Brass Qn Elan82424 [N/D01]
Duo Ami Elan82424 [N/D01]
Flashbacks (perc, p) Elan82424 [N/D01]
Pajaro Elan82424 [N/D01]
Polaris Elan82424 [N/D01]
Quartet 1 Elan82424 [N/D01]
Songs, 3 Elan 82424 [N/D01]
ANDERSON, Beth Cleveland Swale Campbell, Matheson (db) Albany 709 [M/J05]
Music for Violin & Piano Milosavljevic (vn) Albany 709 [M/J05]
Quilt Music Kubera (p) Albany 709 [M/J05]
Songs Borden (bari) Albany 709 [M/J05]
ANDERSON, Laurie Big Science Anderson Nonesuch 130428 [N/D07]
ANDRIESSEN, Louis Anais Nin Atherton Signum 273 [M/J 12]
Bells for Haarlem Rose BMOP 1011 [N/D09]
De Staat Atherton Signum 273 [M/J 12]
Hoketus Bang on a Can Cantaloupe 21012 [J/A03]
Hout Bang on a Can Cantaloupe 21012 [J/A03]
Letter from Cathy Zavalloni (mz) BMOP 1011 [N/D09]
La Passione Rose BMOP 1011 [N/D09]
Rosa: The Death of a Composer De Leeuw Nonesuch 79559 [S/O00]
Trolley Ride to America Rose BMOP 1011 [N/D09]
Workers’ Union Bang on a Can Cantaloupe 21012 [J/A03]
Writing to Vermeer De Leeuw Nonesuch 79887 [M/J06]
ANHALT, Istvan Foci Anhalt Centrediscs 10204 [J/F05]
Tents of Abraham Fast Centrediscs 10204 [J/F05]
ANTHEIL, George Ballet Mecanique Rose BMOP 1033 [J/A14]
APPLEBAUM, Mark (chamber and electronic works) (var.) Innova 602 [M/J04]
Disciplines Wettstein (p) Innova 628 [M/J05]
Entre Funerailles II Schick (vb) Innova 628 [M/J05]
Janus Cycle (exc) (var.) Innova 628 [M/J05]
Neo-Tribes Campbell (alto sax) Innova 628 [M/J05]
ARGENTO, Dominic Andree Expedition Nordfors Nosag 21 [J/A 99]
Capriccio Gigliotti (cl) Bravo 20125 [M/A04]
Capriccio Hara (cl) Reference 100 [J/F04]
Casa Guidi von Stade (s) Reference 100 [J/F04]
Elizabethan Songs Haskin (t) DeuxElles 1098 [S/O06]
I Hate and I Love Warland Gothic 49217 [N/D03]
In Praise of Music Oue Reference 100 [J/F04]
Letters from Composers Haskin (t) DeuxElles 1098 [S/O06]
Reverie Oue Reference 91 [S/O00]
Ring of Time Oue Reference 91 [S/O00]
To Be Sung upon the Water Haskin (t) DeuxElles 1098 [S/O06]
Toccata of Galuppi's Warland Gothic 49217 [N/D03]
Valentino Dances Oue Reference 91 [S/O00]
Walden Pond Warland Gothic 49217 [N/D03]
ASENJO, Florencio The Odyssey Trevor Albany 1019 [S/O 08]
Resonances Trevor Albany 1019 [S/O08]
Throw of the Dice Trevor Albany 1019 [S/O08]
ASHLEY, Robert Atalanta II Ashley Lovely 3303 [M/J 11]
Concrete Ashley Lovely 1010 [J/F09]
Dust Ashley Lovely 1006 [S/O00]
In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women Ashley Lovely 4921 [J/A03]
Now Eleanor's Idea Ashley Lovely 1009 [S/O08]
Piano Sonata Tyranny Lovely 1062 [S/O09]
Your Money My Life Goodbye Ashley Lovely 1005 [J/F00]
ASIA, Daniel Alex Set Klein (ob) Summit 422 [S/O05]
Brass Quintet itAmerican BrQn Summit 385 [M/J04]
Breath in a Ram’s Horn Swensen (t) Summit 336 [J/F03]
Dream Sequence I Sluchin (trbn) Summit 422 [S/O05]
E.E. Cummings Songbook Swensen (t) Summit 336 [J/F03]
Marimba Music Fadoul (mba) Summit 422 [S/O05]
Nonet Czech Nonet Summit 579 [M/J 12
Orange Hong-Mei (va) Summit 422 [S/O05]
Pines Songs Pelton (s) Summit 257 [S/O00]
Pines Songs Robinson (s) Summit 336 [J/F03]
Plum-DS II Dick (fl) Summit 422 [S/O05]
Quartet 2 Cypress Qr Summit 385 [M/J04]
Sacred Songs Pelton (s) Summit 257 [S/O00]
Songs from the Page of Swords Shirley-Quirk (bari) Summit 257 [S/O00]
Symphony 5 Kawamoto Summit 579 [M/J 12]
WW Quintet Dorian Qn Summit 385 [M/J04]
AVALON, Robert Flute/Harp Concerto Meisnbach (fl) Centaur 2484 [M/J01]
Piano Concerto Avalon Centaur 2484 [M/J01]
AYTON, Will Ballad of the Rosemary Montano (mz) MSR 1216 [N/D07]
Fantasia on a Theme by Henry Purcell Parthenia MSR 1216 [N/D07]
Incantations Parthenia MSR 1216 [N/D07]
Reliquary for William Blake Montano (mz) MSR 1216 [N/D07]
Songs Montano (mz) MSR 1216 [N/D07]
Songs for the British Isles Parthenia MSR 1216 [N/D07]
BABBITT, Milton All Set Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
Composition for 12 instruments Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
Correspondences Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
Crowded Air Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
From the Psalter Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
Manifold Music D’Agostino(org) Bridge 9135 [M/A04]
My Ends Are My Beginnings Neidich (cl) Bridge 9135 [M/A04]
Paraphrases Rose BMOP 1034 [M/J14]
Quatrains Arnold (s ) Bridge 9135 [M/A04]
Soli e Duettini Anderson, Fader (g) Bridge 9135 [M/A04]
Swan Song 1 Cygnus Ens Bridge 9135 [M/A04]
BAINBRIDGE, Simon Ad Ora Incerta Bickley (s) NMC 59 [M/A00]
4 PrimoLevi Settings Bickley (s) NMC 59 [M/A00]
BAIRD, Tadeusz Play Dafo Qr Dux 374
BAKER, Claude Awaking the Winds Slatkin Naxos 559642 [J/F13]
Glass Bead Game Slatkin Naxos 559642 [J/F13]
Mystic Trumpeter Slatkin Naxos 559642 [J/F13]
Shadows Slatkin Naxos 559642 [J/F13]
BAKER, David Alabama Landscape Brown (t) Albany 377 [S/O00]
Life Cycles Brown (t) Albany 377 [S/O00]
Refractions Freeman Albany 377 [S/O00]
Tuba Concerto Perantoni (tba) Albany 377 [S/O00]
BALADA, Leonardo Capricho 1 Pietu (g) Naxos 572625 [J/A 12]
Capricho 5 Mata (vc) Naxos 572625 [J/A 12]
Cello Concerto 1 Naxos554708 [M/A01]
Cuatris Balada Albany 417 [M/A01]
Divertimentos Alonso-Crespo Naxos 557749 [S/O06]
Fantasias Sonoras Aeschbacher Naxos554708 [M/A01]
Flute Concerto Martinez Naxos 555039 [J/F02]
Folk Dreams Aeschbacher Naxos554708 [M/A01]
Geometrias Balada Albany 417 [M/A01]
Guitar Concerto Fisk Naxos 555039 [J/F02]
Homage to Casals Albany 417 [M/A01]
Homage to Sarasate Albany 417 [M/A01]
Homages Albany 417 [M/A01]
Little Night Music in Harlem Temes Naxos 572625 [J/A 12]
Mosaico American Brass Qn Albany 417 [M/A01]
Piano Concerto Torres-Pardo Naxos 555039 [J/F02]
Prague Sinfonietta Alonso-Crespo Naxos 557749 [S/O06]
Reflejos Temes Naxos 572625 [J/A 12]
Quasi un Pasodoble Asensio Albany 417 [M/A01]
Quasi un Pasodoble Alonso-Crespo Naxos 557749 [S/O06]
Sardana Aeschbacher Naxos554708 [M/A01]
Song and Dance Shackleton-Williams (s) Albany 417 [M/A01]
Symphony 5 Alonso-Crespo Naxos 557749 [S/O06]
Union of the Oceans (ww) Colwell Albany 417 [M/A01]
Violin Concerto 1 Cardenes Naxos554708 [M/A01]
BALAKAUSKAS, Osvaldas Symphony 4 Domarkas Naxos 557605 [S/O06]
Symphony 5 Domarkas Naxos 557605 [S/O06]
BARBER, Samuel Agnus Dei Spano Telarc 80673 [M/A09]
Piano Sonata
BARKAUSKAS, Vytautas Duo Concertante Graffin(vn),Imai(va) Avie 2073 [J/F06]
Jeux Graffin(vn) Avie 2073 [J/F06]
Monologues Imai (va) Avie 2073 [J/F06]
Partita Graffin (vn) Avie 2073 [J/F06]
BARTHOLOMEE, Pierre Adieu Peuvion (cl) Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
... and I saw the soul... it was dancing Trio Medici Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
Fin de serie Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
Point Nocturne van Deyck (mz) Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
Refrains Okubo (vn),Pire(trb) Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
Variations Sigrist (p) Cypres 4607 [J/A06]
BAWDEN, Rupert Beasts of the Sea Cheung NMC 93 [M/J05]
Donkey Dances Bawden NMC 93 [M/J05]
Sailor's Tale, The Bawden NMC 93 [M/J05]
Studies Bawden NMC 93 [M/J05]
BAZELON, Irwin Short Symphony Farberman Albany 370 [N/D00]
Symphony 6 Farberman Albany 370 [N/D00]
Taming of the Shrew Farberman Albany 370 [N/D00]
BEAMISH, Sally Callisto Brabbins BIS 1601 [J/F 11]
Cello Concerto Marwood BIS 1601 [J/F 11]
Symphony 1 Brabbins BIS 1601 [J/F 11]
BEDFORD, David 2 Poems(chorus) Franz DG 471572 [M/A03]
BEGLARIAN, Eve Creating the World Rees (speaker) New World 80630 [N/D06]
FlamingO Lubman New World 80630 [N/D06]
Landscaping for Privacy Beglarian (speaker) New World 80630 [N/D06]
Marriage of Heaven and Hell Bielawa (singer) New World 80630 [N/D06]
Robin Redbreast Dargel (singer) New World 80630 [N/D06]
Wonder Counselor (organ) New World 80630 [N/D06]
BENARY, Barbara Aural Shoehorning DownTown Ens.;Gam.SOL New World 80646 [M/A07]
Barang 1-2 DownTown Ens. New World 80646 [M/A07]
Downtown Steel DownTown Ens. New World 80646 [M/A07]
Sun on Snow Clark (s) New World 80646 [M/A07]
BERAN, Jan Piano Concerto 2 Beran Col Legno20062 [J/A01]
BERG,Alban Piano Sonata Hough Hyperion 67654 [N/D07]
BERGER, Arthur Chamber Music for 13 Players Rose BMOP 1031 [J/F14]
Collages 1-3 Rose BMOP 1031 [J/F14)
Diptych Rose BMOP 1031 [J/F14]
Perhaps Rose BMOP 1031 [J/F14]
Septet Rose BMOP 1031 [J/F14]
Words for Music River (mz) BMOP 1031 [J/F14]
BERGER, Jonathan Doubles Lawrence Qr Naxos 559342 [N/D 07]
Eli Eli Lawrence Qr Naxos 559342 [N/D 07]
For Amos Sohn (vn) Naxos 559342 [N/D07]
Miracles and Mud Naxos 559342 [N/D07]
Sink or Swim Sohn (vn) Naxos 559342 [N/D 07],
BERIO, Luciano Chamber Music Berberian Newton 8802040 [J/A11]
Coro Berio DG 471587 [M/A03]
Differences Juilliard Ens Newton 8802040 [J/A11]
Early Songs Williams (bari) Chandos 5101 [J/A 12]
Glosse Arditti Qr Montaigne782155 [M/J03]
Quartet 1 Arditti Qr Montaigne782155 [M/J03]
Naturale Kashkashian (va) ECM 461808 [M/A02]
Notturno Arditti Qr Montaigne782155 [M/J03]
Pezzi, 2 Juilliard Ens Newton 8802040 [J/A11]
Rendering Gardner Chandos 5101 [J/A 12]
Sequenza 3 Berberian Newton 8802040 [J/A11]
Sequenza 7 Holliger (ob) Newton 8802040 [J/A11]
Sincronie Arditti Qr Montaigne 782155 [M/J03]
Sonata Op. 120:1 Collins (cl) Chandos 5101 [J/A 12]
Voci Kashkashian (va) ECM 461808 [M/A02]
BIELAWA, Herbert Dreams (girls ch,va,p) Paul Albany 653 [J/F05]
Earth Howe (bari) Albany 653 [J/F05]
Rants (chorus, vn) Solomon Albany 653 [J/F05]
The Snake and Other Creatures Narucki (s) Albany 653 [J/F05]
BIELAWA, Lisa Double Violin Concerto Kihlstedt, Jacobsen BMOP 1017 [N/D10]
In Media Res Rose BMOP 1017 [N/D10]
Roam Rose BMOP 1017 [N/D10]
Synopses (various) BMOP 1017 [N/D10]
Unfinish'd, Sent Bielawa (s) BMOP 1017 [N/D10]
BIRTWISTLE, Harrison Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuur Howarth NMC 148 [M/A09]
Cry of Anubis Slade (tuba) NMC 156 [J/F 12]
Duets for Storab (2 fl) Nash Ens Black Box 1046 [J/F03]
Entr’actes and Sappho Fragments McFadden (s) Black Box 1046 [J/F03]
Gawain's Journey Howarth NMC 88 [M/J05]
Interrupted Endless Melody (ob) Black Box 1046 [J/F03]
Movements for String Quartet, 9 Arditti Qr Aeon 1217 [N/D 12]
Night's Black Bird Wigglesworth NMC 156 [J/F 12]
Pulse Shadows De Leeuw Teldec 26867 [M/A02]
Quartet: The Tree of Strings Arditti Qr Aeon 1217 [N/D 12]
Refrains and Choruses Gilliard Ens. Deux Elles1019 [N/D01]
Ritual Fragment Howarth NMC 88 [M/J05]
Secret Theatre Howarth NMC 148 [M/A09]
Settings of Lorraine Niedecker McFadden (s) Black Box 1046 [J/F03]
Shadow of Night Wigglesworth NMC 156 [J/F 12]
Silbury Air Howarth NMC 148 [M/A09]
Triumph of Time Howarth NMC 88 [M/J05]
Woman & the Hare McFadden (s) Black Box 1046 [J/F03]
BISCARDI, Chester Companion Piece for Morton Feldman Helias (db) Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
Di Vivere Da Capo ChP Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
In Times Unfolding Peloquin (p) Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
Mestiere Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
Piano Quintet Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
Tartini Zur (vn) Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
Viola Had Suddenly Become a Voice Fanner (va) Naxos 559639 [N/D 11]
BISCHOFF, John Rendezvous Tyranny Lovely 1062 [S/O09]
BLAND, William Piano Sonata 4 Bland Bridge 9223 [J/A 07]
Piano Sonata 14 Bland Bridge 9223 [J/A07]
BLAKE, Howard Leda and the Swan Edinburgh Qr Naxos 572688 [N/D 11]
Month in the Country Edinburgh Qr Naxos 572688 [N/D 11]
Spieltrieb Edinburgh Qr Naxos 572688 [N/D 11]
String Trio Edinburgh Qr Naxos 572688 [N/D 11]
Walking in the Air Edinburgh Qr Naxos 572688 [N/D 11]
BLOMDAHL, Karl-Birger Forma Ferritonans Comissiona Caprice 21365 [J/A 10]
Journey on This Night Söderström (s) Caprice 21365 [J/A10]
Sisyphus Suite Dorati Caprice 21365 [J/A10]
Symphony 3 Ehrling Caprice 21365 [J/A10]f
BOLCOM, William Concerto Grosso Prism Sax Qr Innova 731 [S/O09]
Lucrezia Barrett Bridge 9299 [M/A11]
Lyric Concerto Porter (fl) Equilibrium 63 [M/J04]
Sax Qr Concerto Prism Sax Qr Innova 731 [S/O09]
BOLLE, James Music for Flute, Strings, & Wood Blocks Rasinski Albany 1376 [M/J13]
Quartet 3 McGann+ Albany 1376 [M/J13]
Sea Monsters Gross (vc), Black (db) Albany 1376 [M/J13]
Sinfonia 6 Reeve (ob) + Albany 1376 [M/J13]
BOSSE, Denis Chant du Funambule Prynn (vc) Cypres 4623 [J/A06]
Letter to Julie-Anne Derome Trio Fibonacci (vn) Cypres 4623 [J/A06]
Liances Ristic (p) Cypres 4623 [J/A06]
Pyrofolies Trio Fibonacci Cypres 4623 [J/A06]
BOUCOURECHLIEV, Andre Archipel 2 Ysaye Qr Aeon 102 [N/D03]
Miroir 2 Ysaye Qr Aeon 102 [N/D03]
Quartet 3 Ysaye Qr Aeon 102 [N/D 03]
BOUDREAU, Walter L'Asile de la purete (electronic) ATMA2551 [J/A07]
Le Recital (tape) ATMA2551 [J/A07]
Les Sept Jours Beluse ATMA2551 [J/A07]
La Vie d'un heros Ranzenhofer (vn) ATMA2551 [J/A07]
BOULEZ, Pierre Anthemes 2 Kang (vn) DG 477-6351 [N/D07]
Derive 1 Kawka Naïve 782183 [J/A 12]
Derive 2 Kawka Naïve 782183 [J/A 12]
Figures-Doubles-Prismes Robertson Naïve 782163 [N/D03]
Memorial Jünger (fl) Naïve 782183 [J/A 12]
Messagesquisse Boulez DG 477 6351 [N/D07]
Notations Robertson Naïve 782163 [N/D03]
Pli selon Pli Schafer/Boulez DG 471344 [S/O02]
Rituel Robertson Naïve 782163 [N/D03]
Sur Incises Boulez DG 477-6351 [N/D07]
BOYER, Peter Celebration Overture Boyer Naxos 559769 [J/A14]
Festivities Boyer Naxos 559769 [J/A14]
3 Olympians Boyer Naxos 559769 [J/A14]
Silver Fanfare Boyer Naxos 559769 [J/A14]
Symphony 1 Boyer Naxos 559769 [J/A14]
BREGENT, Michel-Georges Atlantide Boudreau ATMA 2251 [J/A01]
BRESNICK, Martin Ballade Bathgate (vc) Albany 1184 [S/O10]
Choral Songs Brooks Albany 1184 [S/O10]
Everything Must Go Prism Sax Qr Albany 1184 [S/O10]
Falling Nims (mz) Albany 1184 [S/O10]
Grace von Sice,Komori(mbas) New World 80635 [J/F06]
My Twentieth Century Povera Players New World 80635 [J/F06]
Songs of the Mouse People Beiser (vc), Schick (perc) New World 80635 [J/F06]
Tent of Miracles Sullivan (sax) New World 80635 [J/F06]
Willie Dixon Fantasia Povera Players New World 80635 [J/F06]
Willie's Way Moore (p) Albany 1184 [S/O10]
BROUWER, Margaret Aurolucent Circles Glennie (perc) Naxos 559250 [M/J06]
Clarinet Quintet Silver Naxos 559763 [N/D14]
Lonely Lake Blue Streak Ensemble Naxos 559763 [N/D14]
Mandala Schwarz Naxos 559250 [M/J06]
Pulse Schwarz Naxos 559250 [M/J06]
Remembrances Schwarz Naxos 559250 [M/J06]
Shattered Glass Blue Streak Ensemble Naxos 559763 [N/D14]
SIZZLE Schwarz Naxos 559250 [M/J06]
Whom Do You Call Angel Now? Simon (s) Naxos 559763 [M/J14]
BRUSA, Elizabetta Adagio Mastrangelo Naxos 555267 [M/J03]
Favole Mastrangelo Naxos555267 [M/J03]
Firelights Mastrangelo Naxos555267 [M/J03]
Requiescat Mastrangelo Naxos555267 [M/J03]
Suite Grotesque Mastrangelo Naxos555267 [M/J03]
Wedding Song Mastrangelo Naxos555267 [M/J03]
BRYARS, Gavin Adnan Songbook Anderson (s) Point 462511; Philips 473296 [M/J99; M/A03]
After Handel's Vespers Van Raat (p) Naxos 572570 [J/A11]
By the Vaar CBC 5223 [M/A03]
Cadman Requiem Hilliard Ens. Point 462511 [M/J99]
Cello Concerto Webber Philips 473296 [M/J03]
Epilogue from Wanderlust Bryars Point 462511 [M/J99]
Fiancalles, Les Smith Phillips 473296 [M/J03]
Green Ray Harle (sax) Philips 473296 [M/J03]
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet Philips 473296 [M/J03]
North Shore Hawkes (va) Philips 473296 [M/J03]
One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing (perc) Nexus Philips 473296 [M/J03]
Piano Concerto Van Raat Naxos 572570 [J/A11]
Quartet 1 Lyric Qr Black Box 1079 [M/A03]
Quartet 2 Lyric Qr Black Box 1079 [M/A03]
Quartet 3 Lyric Qr Black Box 1079 [M/A03]
Ramble on Cortona Van Raat (p) Naxos 572570 [J/A11]
Sinking of the Titanic: Lament Philips 473296 [M/J03]
Songs CBC 5223 [M/A03]
Violin Concerto CBC 5223 [M/A03]
BURKE, John Quartet Lafayette Qr Centrediscs 10104 [J/F05]
Remember Your Power Celona Centrediscs 10104 [J/F05]
CACIOPPO, Curt Ancestors Friends Chamber Group MSR 1261 [N/D 08]
Coyoteway Moscow Qr MSR 1261 [N/D08]
Distant Voice Calling American Qr MSR 1261 [N/D08]
Snake Dance Friends Chamber Group MSR 1261 [N/D08]
CAGE, John Aria 1 Hillier Harmonia Mundi 507279 [N/D02]
Aria 2 Hillier Harmonia Mundi 507279 [N/D02]
Five Hillier Harmonia Mundi 507279 [N/D02]
Four 4 Amadinda perc Hungaroton31846 [J/A01]
Litany for the Whale Hillier Harmonia Mundi 907279 [N/D02]
Mesostics re not re Marcel Duchamp Hillier Harmonia Mundi 907279 [N/D02]
Music for 2 Goldstein Wergo 6636 [N/D99]
Ryoanji Goldstein Wergo 6636 [N/D99]
Songs Hillier, Fullington Harmonia Mundi 907279 [N/D02]
Variations II Goldstein Wergo 6636 [N/D 99]
Whiskus, 8 Goldstein Wergo 6636 [N/D99]
CARDEW, Cornelius Great Learning Cardew DG 471572 [M/A03]
CARL, Robert Brown Velvet Hare (bsn) New World 80732 [N/D 12]
Bullet Cycle Kennedy (vc) New World 80732 [N/D 12]
Clean Sweep Brown, Carl (shakuhachi) New World 80732 [N/D 12]
Collapsible Mandala (elec) New World 80732 [N/D 12]
Open Adaskin Trio New World 80645 [J/A06]
Quartet 2 Adaskin Qr New World 80645 [J/A06]
(var) (var) Innova 596 [N/D04]
Violin Sonata 2 Linsdale New World 80645 [J/A06]
CARTER, Elliott 90 + (p) ATMA 2280 [N/D02]
90+ Oppens (p) Cedille 108 [M/A 09]
ASKO Concerto Eotvos ECM1662 [M/A04]
Cello Sonata Haffner Cedille 48 [M/A00]
Cello Sonata Krosnick Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Clarinet Concerto ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Clarinet Concerto Collins DG 459660 [M/J00]
Clarinet Quintet Neidich Bridge 9314 [J/A10]
Con leggerezza pensosa(cl, vn, vc) ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Dialogues Swan (p) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Diversions Oppens (p) Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Double Concerto Jacobs, Kalish Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Due Duetti Schulte(vn),Boyar(mba) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Elegy Schwarz Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Emblems Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Enchanted Preludes (fl, vc) ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Enchanted Preludes Aitken, Hetherington Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Esprit rude/Esprit doux(fl, cl, mar) ATMA2280 [N/D02]
8 Études & a Fantasy (ww) Chicago Pro Musica Cedille 48 [M/A 00]
Figments Hetherington (vc) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Figments 3-5 (var) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Fl, Ob, Vc, Hpsi Sonata Sollberger etc. Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Fragment 2 Arditti Qr Mode 128 [M/A04]
Gra (cl) ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Gra Christie (cl) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Harvest Home Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Heart Not so Heavy As Mine Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Horn Concerto Owen Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
In Sleep, In Thunder Hill (t) Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Let's Be Gay Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Mad Regales Knussen Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Matribute Oppens (p) Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Minotaur, The Schwarz Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Mosaic Goodman (hp) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Musicians Wrestle Everywhere Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Musique, La Shelton (s) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Night Fantasies Jacobs (p) Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Night Fantasies Oppens (p) Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Nine by Five Slowind ww qn Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Oboe Quartet Holliger ECM 210 [S/O03]
Oboe Quartet Taylor Bridge 9128 [S/O03]
Of Challenge and of Love Arnold (s) Bridge 9128 [S/O03]
On Conversing with Paradise Melrose (bari) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Pastoral Yeh (cl) Cedille 48 [M/A00]
Piano Concerto Rosen Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Piano Quintet Oppens Mode 128 [M/A04]
Piano/WW Quintet Oppens Mode 128 [M/A04]
Piano Sonata Oppens Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Poems of Louis Zukofsky Shelton (s) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Quartet 1 Composers Qr Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Quartet 2 Composers Qr Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Quartet 2
Quartet 2 Pacifica Qr Naxos 559363 J/A09]
Quartet 3 Pacifica Qr Naxos 559363 [J/A09]
Quartet 4 Pacifica Qr Naxos 559363 [J/A 09]
Retracings1-3 (var) Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Retrovailles Oppens (p) Mode 128 [M/A04]
Retrouvailles Oppens (p) Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Rhapsodic Musings Imajishi (vn) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Riconoscenza (vn) ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Riconoscenza Imajishi (vn) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Scrivo In Vento Aitken (fl) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]
Siege of Corinth Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Songs DeGaetani Nonesuch 510893 [J/A 09]
Sound Fields Knussen Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
Steep Steps Blackwell (bcl) Naxos 559614 [M/A09]i
Symphonia Knussen DG 459660 [M/J00]
Syringa Shelton (s), Solomon-Glover (bari) Mode 128 [M/A04]
Tarantella Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred Arnold (s) Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Tempo e Tempi Shelton (s) Mode 128 [M/A04]
Thoughts about the Piano Beck Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Thoughts about the Piano Oppens Cedille 108 [M/A09]
Tintinnabulation Epstein Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
To Music Creed Hänssler 93.231 [J/F10]
Triple Duo Fires of London Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Triple Duo Vaillancourt ATMA2280 [N/D02]
Tri-Tribute Beck (p) Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Variations Levine Nonesuch 510893 [J/A09]
Voyage Arnold (s) Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
Warble for Lilac Time Arnold (s) Bridge 9396 [S/O13]
What Next? Eotvos ECM1662 [M/A04]
Wind Rose Knussen Bridge 9314 [M/A11]
WW Quintet Chicago Pro Musica Cedille 48 [M/A00]
CHEN, Shih-Hui 66 Times Weigle (s) Albany 858 [N/D06]
Fu 1-2 Wu Man (pipa) Albany 858 [N/D06]
Shui Fischer (vc) Albany 858 [N/D06]
Twice Removed Yeh (cl) Albany 858 [N/D06]
CHEN Yi As Like a Raging Fire Azure Ens New World 80683 [N/D08]
Burning 3rd Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
Chinese Folk Dance Suite Lin (vn) BIS 1352 [M/A04]
Dunhuang Fantasy Marshall (org) BIS 1352 [M/A04]
Happy Rain on a Spring Night Third Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
Momentum Shui BIS 1352 [M/A04]
Night Thoughts Azure Ens New World 80683 [N/D08]
Romance and Dance Lin, Hou (2 vn) BIS 1352 [M/A04]
Sound of the Five Third Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
Sprout Third Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
Tibetan Tunes Third Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
Tu Shui BIS 1352 [M/A04]
Wu Yu Azure Ens New World 80683 [N/D08]
YangKo Third Angle New Music Ens New World 80691 [J/A09]
CHIHARA, Paul Afternoon on the Perfume River Mann Bridge 9267 [N/D08]
Ain't No Sunshine Weiss-Kaplan-Newman Trio Bridge 9267 [N/D08]
Concerto Piccolo Colletti + violas Bridge 9365 [M/J13]
Forever Escher Samuel New World 80597 [N/D02]
Minidoka Kay (cl) + Bridge 9267 [N/D08]
Piano Quintet Roge, Ysaye Qr Bridge 9267 [N/D08]
Redwood Colletti (va),Geem(perc) Bridge 9365 [M/J13]
Shinju Chihara New World 80597 [N/D02]
Viola Concerto Colletti Bridge 9365 [M/J13]
Viola Sonata Colletti Bridge 9365 [M/J13]
Wind Song (vc) Solow New World 80597 [N/D02]
CHILD, Peter Quartet 1 Lydian Qr Neuma 45098 [M/J 99]
Tableaux 2 Boston Musica Viva Neuma 45098 [M/J 99]
Trio Lydian Qr Neuma 45098 [M/J 99]
CHIN, Unsuk Akrostichon-Wortspiel Komsi (s) DG 4775118 [J/A05]
Double Concerto Vassilakis (prep p), Favre(perc) DG 4775118 [J/A05]
Fantaisie Mecanique Ens.Intercontemporaine DG 4775118 [J/A05]
Xi Robertson DG 4775118 [J/A05]
CLARKE, Nigel Solstice (p) Caskie Metier 92004 [J/F00]
COATES, Gloria Anima della Terra Kuntzsch CPO 999590 [M/J99]
Cantata da Requiem Dunn (s) Naxos 559371 [M/J08]
Cette Blanche Agonie Wirrman New World 80599 [M/A03]
Fonte di Rimini Wirrman New World 80599 [M/A03]
Force for Peace in War (s) New World 80599 [M/A03]
Homage to Van Gogh Wirrman CPO 999590 [M/J99]
Indian Sounds Wirrman New World 80599 [M/A03]
Lyric Suite Chadwick (p) + Kreutzer Naxos 559666 [M/A11]
Quartet 1 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559091 [J/A02]
Quartet 2 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559152 [M/J04]
Quartet 3 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559152 [M/J04]
Quartet 4 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559152 [M/J04]
Quartet 5 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559091 [J/A02]
Quartet 6 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559091 [J/A02]
Quartet 7 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559152 [M/J04]
Quartet 8 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 559152 [M/J04]
Quartet 9 Kreutzer Qr Naxos 359666 [M/A11]
Solo Violin Sonata Skaerved Naxos 559666 [M/A11]
Symphony 1 Rotter Naxos 559289 [S/O06]
Symphony 2 Hauschild CPO 999590 [M/J99]
Symphony 7 Henzold Naxos 559289 [S/O06]
Symphony 14 Poppen Naxos 559289 [S/O06]
Symphony 15 Boder Naxos 559371 [M/J08]
Time Frozen Cichewiecz CPO 999590 [M/J99]
Transitions Heider Naxos 559371 [M/J 08]
Wir Tonen Allein Wirrman New World 80599 [M/A03]
COLGRASS, Michael Ghost River Lamb Equilibrium 118 [M/J14]
Goldberg Variations Lamb Equilibrium 118 [M/J14]
Gotta Make Noise Lamb Equilibrium 118 [M/J14]
Zululand Lamb Equilibrium 118 [M/J14]
CONNOLLY, Justin Sonatina in 5 Studies (p) Neugarten Metier 92008 [J/F00]
CONSOLI, Marc Antonio Afterimages Leighton-Smith CRI 789 [M/A 99]
Odefonia Schuller CRI 789 [M/A 99]
Pensieri Sospesi (sxt) ONIX Ens CRI 789 [M/A 99]
COOMAN, Carson Bassoon Quintet Mesina Naxos 559655 [J/F 11]
Dream Études, Book 2 Amato (p) Naxos 559350 [J/F08]
Dream-Tombeau: Crucifixus Amato (p) Naxos 559350 [J/F08]
Flying Machine Trevor Naxos 559655 [J/F 11]
Kayser Variations Amato (p) Naxos 559350 [J/F08]
Lyric Trio Gekker (tpt) Naxos 559655 [J/F 11]
Nantucket Dreaming var. Naxos 559655 [J/F 11]
Partita Schulz Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Piano Concerto Skuta Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Piano Sonata 3 Amato Naxos 559350 [J/F08]
Piano Sonata 4 Amato Naxos 559350 [J/F08]
Preludes + Amato Altarus 9015 [S/O 11]
Songlines, Sun Dreaming Skuta Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Symphony 2 Trevor Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Symphony 3 Trevor Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Violin and Organ Sonata Goughs Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
Vision Goughs Naxos 559329 [S/O07]
CORIGLIANO, John Black November Turkey (arr.) Corigliano Qr Naxos 559180 [S/O07]
Caprices Bieler (vn) Naxos 559306 [M/J09]
Chaconne Bieler (vn) Naxos 559306 [M/J09]
Chiaroscuro Oppens, Lowenthal (2p) Cedille 123 [S/O 11]
Chiaroscuro Russo, Heyman (2p) Black Box 1106 [N/D06]
Conjurer Glennie (perc) Naxos 559757 [M/A14]
Dylan Thomas Trilogy Tessier, Allen Telarc 80673 [M/A09]
Elegy Bieler (vn) Naxos 559306 [M/J09]
Etude Fantasy Oppens (p) Cedille 123 [S/O 11]
Étude Fantasy Russo (p) Black Box 1106 [N/D06]
Fantasia on an Ostinato (arr) Junkin Naxos 559601 [M/J09]
Fantasia on an Ostinato Grimaud (p) DG 471769 [M/A04]
Fantasia on an Ostinato Klas Ondine 1058 [N/D05]
Fantasia on an Ostinato Oppens (p) Cedille 123 [S/O 11]
Fantasia on an Ostinato Russo (p) Black Box 1106 [N/D06]
Gazebo Dances Falletta Naxos 559331 [J/F09]
Ghosts of Versailles Suite Falletta Naxos 559671 [S/O10]
Hallucinations Klas Ondine 1058 [N/D05]
Kaleidoscope Oppens, Lowenthal (2p) Cedille 123 [S/O 11]
Mannheim Rocket Storgards Ondine 1039 [N/D04]
Phantasmagoria Falletta Naxos 559671 [S/O10]
Phantasmagoria Klas Ondine 1058 [N/D05]
Poems of Bob Dylan Plitmann Naxos 559331 [J/F09]
Quartet Corigliano Qr Naxos 559180 [S/O07]
Red Violin: Concerto Vahala BIS 2020 [J/F14]
Red Violin: Suite Turovsky Chandos 5035 [S/O05]
Snapshot: Circa 1909 Corigliano Qr Naxos 559180 [S/O07]
Symphony #2 Turovsky Chandos 5035 [S/O05]
Symphony 2 Storgards Ondine 1039 [N/D04]
Symphony 3 (Circus Maximus) Junkin Naxos 559601 [M/J09]
To Music Klas Ondine 1058 [N/D05]
Violin Concerto Bell Sony 88060 [J/F08]
Violin Concerto Ludwig Naxos 559671 [S/O10]
Violin Sonata Bell Sony 88060 [J/F08]
Violin Sonata Bieler Naxos 559306 [M/J09]
Violin Sonata Cerovsek Black Box 1106 [N/D06]
Vocalise Miller Naxos 559757 [M/A14]
Winging It Oppens (p) Cedille 123 [S/O 11]
CORNER, Philip Piano Pieces Corner X I 125 [J/A01]
COWELL, Henry Piano Music Barelos Centaur 3185 [J/F13]
CRUMB, George Ancient Voices of Children Arnold (s) Bridge 9170 [N/D05]
Black Angels Miro Qr Bridge 9131 [M/J04]
Dream Sequence ICE Bridge 9261 [J/F09]
11 Echoes of Autumn ICE Bridge 9261 [J/F 09]
Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik Arciuli (p) Bridge 9170 [N/D05]
Ghosts of Alhambra Mason (bari) Bridge 9335 [M/J 11]
Madrigals Arnold (s) Bridge 9170 [N/D05]
Night of the Four Moons DeGaetani (mz) Bridge 9253 [S/O08]
Otherworldly Resonances Quattro Mani Bridge 9253 [S/O08]
Quest Kent Naxos 559290 [N/D06]
River of Life A. Crumb (s) Bridge 9218 [J/A07]
The Sleeper DeGaetani (mz) Bridge 9253 [S/O08]
Songs DeGaetani (mz) Bridge 9253 [S/O08]
Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death Isherwood (bari) Naxos 559290 [N/D06]
Unto the Hills A. Crumb (s) Bridge 9131 [M/J04]
Unto the Hills A. Crumb (s) Bridge 9218 [J/A07]
Variations Mann Bridge 9253 [S/O08]
Voices from a Forgotten World vanEyck (mz), Mason (bari) Bridge 9335 [M/J 11]
Vox Balaenae 8th Blackbird Cedille 76 [S/O04]
Vox Balaenae ICE Bridge 9261 [J/F09]
CUNNINGHAM, Arthur Engrams Ellis (p) Equilibrium 65 [S/O04]
Harlem Suite Ellis (p) Equilibrium 65 [S/O04]
Piano Music Ellis (p) Equilibrium 65 [S/O04]
CURRAN, Alvin Inner Cities Vandewalle (p) Long Distance 560304 [M/J06]
CURRIER, Sebastian Aftersong Berick (vn) Albany 1351 [N/D 12]
Clockwork Berick (vn) Albany 1351 [N/D 12]
Entanglement Berick (vn) Albany 1351 [N/D 12]
Maritime Rites (tape) New World 80625 [M/A05]
Quartetset Cassatt Qr. New World 80634 [J/A06]
Quiet Time Cassatt Qr. New World 80634 [J/A06]
Time Machines Mutter (vn) DG 15877 [J/F12]
DALBAVIE, Marc Andre Ciaccona Eschenbach Naïve 982162 [J/A05]
Color Eschenbach Naïve 982162 [J/A05]
Violin Concerto Chijliwa Naïve 982162 [J/A05]
DALLAPICCOLA, Luigi Dialogs Watkins (vc) Chandos 10561 [J/A10]
Lyric Poems of Antonio Machado Keith (s) Chandos 10561 [J/A10]
Partita Noseda Chandos 10561 [J/A10]
3 Questions with 2 Answers Noseda Chandos 10561 [J/A10]
DANIELPOUR, Richard American Requiem St. Clair Reference 97 [M/J02]
Celestial Night Macal Sony 60779 [M/J 99]
Darkness in the Ancient Valley Guerrero Naxos 559707 [M/A14]
Elegies Von Stade (s) Sony 60850 [S/O01]
Enchanted Garden Wang (p) Naxos 559669 [J/A11]
Lacrimae Beati Guerrero Naxos 559707 [M/A14]
Sonnets to Orpheus Huang Sony 60850 [S/O01]
Toward a Season of Peace St. Clair Naxos 559772 [S/O14]
Toward the Splendid City Macal Sony 60779 [M/J 99]
Urban Dances Macal Sony 60779 [M/J 99]
Woman's Life Brown (s) Naxos 559707 [M/A14]
DANKNER, Stephen Quartet 3 Amernet Qr. Gasparo324 [J/A00]
Quartet 5 Amernet Qr Gasparo 324 [J/A00]
DAUGHERTY, Michael Bizarro Lamb Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Blue like an Orange Lamb Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Dead Elvis Zinman Argo 45815 [J/A99]
Desi Corporon Klavier 11121 [M/A02]
Deus ex Machina Wilson (p) Naxos 559635 [J/F10]
Diamond in the Rough Hu (vn), Jones (va), Goddard Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Fire and Blood Da Costa (vn) Warner 67195 [M/A 12]
Fire and Blood Kavafian (vn) Naxos 559372 [J/F10]
Firecracker Bramlett (ob) Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Flamingo Halffter Warner 67195 [M/A12]
Flamingo Zinman Argo 45815 [J/A99]
Ghost Ranch Alsop Naxos 559613 [J/A11]
Gospel According to Sister Aimee St. Clair Naxos 559749 [S/O13]
Jackie’s Song vanKampen (vc) Argo 45815 [J/A99]
Ladder to the Moon Da Costa (vn) Warner 67195 [M/A12]
Letters from Lincoln Hampson (bari) E1 7725 [M/J10]
Metropolis Symphony Guerrero Naxos 559635 [J/F10]
Motor City Triptych Järvi Naxos 559372 [J/F10]
Motown Metal Zinman Argo 45815 [J/A99]
Motown Metal Corporon Klavier11121 [M/A02]
Mount Rushmore St. Clair Naxos 559749 [S/O13]
Niagara Falls Corporon Klavier 11121 [M/A02]
Philadelphia Stories Alsop Naxos 559165 [J/A 05]
Radio City St. Clair Naxos 559749 [S/O13]
Raise the Roof Jones (timp) Naxos 559372 [J/F10]
Red Cape Tango Corporon Klavier 11121 [M/A02]
Regrets Only Hu (vn), Schumacher (vc),Da Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Rosa Parks Boulevard Lamb Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
Route 66 Alsop Naxos 559613 [J/A11]
Snap! Stenz Argo 45815 [J/A99]
Spaghetti Western Smoller (eng hn) Equilibrium 63 [M/J04]
Sunset Strip Alsop Naxos 559613 [J/A11]
Time Machine Alsop Naxos 559613 [J/A11]
Tombeau de Liberace Crossley ( p) Argo 45815 [J/A99]
UFO Glennie (perc) Naxos 559165 [J/A05]
UFO Glennie(perc)/ Corporon Klavier 11121 [M/A02]
Walk the Walk Cathey (sax) Equilibrium 112 [M/J13]
What’s That Spell? Bielawa,Sweeton (voc) Argo 45815 [J/A99]
DAVIDOVSKY, Mario Cantione Sine Textu Narucki (s) Arabesque 6777 [M/A05]
Quartetto Brody (fl) Arabesque 6777 [M/A05]
Salvos Empyrean Ens. Arabesque 6777 [M/A05]
Simple Dances Empyrean Ens. Arabesque 6777 [M/A05]
String Trio Empyrean Ens. Arabesque 6777 [M/A05]
Chacona Speculum Musicae Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
Duo Capriccioso Macomber (vn),Karis (p) Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
Quartetto Speculum Musicae Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
Synchronism 5 Milarsky Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
Synchronism 6 Karis (p) Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
Synchronism 9 Macomber (vn) Bridge 9171 [J/F06]
DAVIS, Anthony Notes from the Underground Rose BMOP 1036 [S/O14]
Wayang 5 Davis (p) BMOP 1036 [S/O14]
You Have the Right to Remain Silent Parran (cl) BMOP 1036 [S/O14]
DEAN, Brett Lost Art of Letter Writing Zimmermann (vn) BIS 2016 [M/A14]
Testament BIS 2016 [M/A14]
Vexations and Devotions BIS 2016 [M/A14]
DELIO, Thomas Music var. Neuma 450 108 [M/A14]
DE RITIS, Anthony Paul Chords of Dust Rose BMOP 1022 [N/D12)
Devolution DJ Spooky (turntable) BMOP 1022 [N/D12]
Legerdemain Rose BMOP 1022 [N/D12]
DEL TREDICI, David Aeolian Ballade Peloquin (p) Naxos 559680 [N/D12]
Ballad in Lavender Peloquin (p) Naxos 559680 [N/D12]
Ballad in Yellow Peloquin (p) Naxos 559680 [N/D12]
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Romances of Anna Akhmatova Peyré (s) Harmonia Mundi 805268 [M/J13]
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Unisono Spanjaard Et Cetera 1309 [N/D07]
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Hard Times Indonesian Institute New World 80698 [N/D09]
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Kenong Indonesian Institute New World 80698 [N/D09]
Sabbath Bride Indonesian Institute New World 80698 [N/D09]
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15 Minutes Belen (vn) Naxos 559644 [S/O 11]
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Crossing (tape) New World 80620 [M/A05]
Earth, Water, Wind, Metal, Fire Cahill (p) New World 80620 [M/A05]
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3 Voices (Chinese instr.) New World 80620 [M/A05]
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Piano Sonata 2 Avni (p) Naxos 579001 [S/O06]
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In Memoriam JC Higginbottom Barton Workshop New World 80687 [J/A09]
Lute in the Attic Barton Workshop New World 80687 [J/A09]
Solemn Acts in Rain Barton Workshop New World 80687 [J/A09]
12 Centers Breathing Barton Workshop New World 80687 [J/A09]
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House of Twang Orch. Ex. St. Cantaloupe 21006 [M/J02]
International Dateline Orch. Ex. St. Cantaloupe 21006 [M/J02]
Lapse Orch. Ex. St. Cantaloupe 21006 [M/J02]
Meantime Orch. Ex. St. Cantaloupe 21006 [M/J02]
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Lamia Shelton (s) BMOP 1029 [J/F14]
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Nor Spell nor Charm Rose BMOP 1029 [J/F14]
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Clavier '' Cantaloupe 21035 [S/O06]
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Fanfare for Shipbuilders Falletta Albany 831 [N/D06]
Heritage Suite Koffman (sopr sax) Albany 831 [N/D06]
Pride of Virginia Shoup Albany 831 [N/D06]
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Testament Shoup Albany 831 [N/D06]
DUNN, David Autonomous Systems (electronic) New World 80660 [N/D07]
Gradients " New World 80660 [N/D07]
Lorenz " New World 80660 [N/D07]
Red Rocks " New World 80660 [N/D07]
Strange Attractors " New World 80660 [N/D 07]
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Shadows of Time Tortelier Chandos9853 [M/A01]
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Gay Guerrilla '' New World 80638 [M/A06]
Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc Eastman (voice) New World 80638 [M/A06]
If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? Eastman,SEM Ens New World 80638 [M/A06]
Stay on It '' New World 80638 [M/A06]
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Shadow of the Swan Dinova (p) Naxos 559176 [N/D04]
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Viola Concerto Mansnerus Antes 319129 [M/A01]
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Songs Larcher Harmonia Mundi 902134 [J/F14]
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Ostacoli Cam.Nordica Caprice 21731 [M/J05]
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Pacific Sirens (tape) New World 80603 [M/J03]
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Quartet 2 Del Sol Qr New World 80753 [N/D14]
Recent Impressions Continuum Naxos 559283 [S/O07]
Solstice Del Sol Qr New World 80753 [N/D14]
Summer Music Continuum Naxos 559283 [S/O07]
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Songs of the Mt.& Meadow Mari Albany 367 [J/A00]
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Images NY Brass Qn Albany 402 [N/D00]
NY Times 8/30/64 Curry (s) Albany 402 [N/D00]
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The Little Boy (or Girl) & the Tree Branch Mann (narr) Albany 497 [M/J02]
Trio (v, p, perc) Albany 402 [N/D00]
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Partial [Dist]res[s]toration Baker Albany 1153 [M/J10]
Poems Martensson Mode 89 [N/D00]
Pressure Triggering Dreams Sollberger Mode 89 [N/D00]
Stuck Stücke Arditti Qr Albany 1153 [M/J10]
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Duo Petrina (p), Freeman (perc) OgreOgress [M/A11]
For a Violet Cloud Fong (vn) OgreOgress [M/A11]
Gentlest Chord Faasen (s) OgreOgress [M/A11]
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Bass Clarinet +3 Clarinets + Robinson (cl) Mode 119 [S/O03]
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Dance Suite Freeman (perc) OgreOgress [M/A11]
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Extensions 5 OgreOgress [M/A11]
False Relationships and the Extended Ending Feldman New World 80657 [M/A07]
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For Christian Wolff Stone (fl) Bridge 9279 [J/A09]
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For Stockhausen, Cage, Stravinsky and Krummel (vc) OgreOgress DVD [M/A11]
Instruments, 2 Austin (hn),Krummel (vc) OgreOgress DVD [M/A11]
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Nature Pieces Mauser (p) Kairos1236 [S/O04]
Neither Ryan Col Legno20081 [J/F01]
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Piano Schleiermacher MDG 613523 [M/J10]
4 Pianos Bugallo& Williams Wergo 6708 [N/D09]
5 Pianos Bugallo& Williams Wergo 6708 [N/D09]
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Sukhi! Da Capo Players Albany 980 [M/J08]
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Quartet 2 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
Quartet 3 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
Quartet 4 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
Quartet 4 Arditti Qr Naïve 782109 [M/A04]
Quartet 5 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
Quartet 6 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
Shadowtime Nieuw Ensemble NMC 123 [S/O06]
String Trio 1 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
String Trio 2 Arditti Qr Aeon 1335 [S/O14]
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Visage 2 Dessy Mode 228 [M/J 11]
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Empreintes Milarsky Mode 208 [N/D09]
Shards Milarsky Mode 208 [N/D09]
Texture of Time Bocquillon (fl) Mode 208 [N/D09]
Veils My (p) Mode 208 [N/D09]
FINNISSY, Michael Anima Christi Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
Descriptive Jottings of London Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
Forget-me-not Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
Lost Lands+ Topologies Metier 92050 [J/F04]
Maldon Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
Palm-Sunday Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
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Quartet 3 Kreutzer Qr NMC 180 [S/O12]
Vertue Weeks NMC 110 [N/D05]
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Ethnic Silhouettes; 4 Old Stories Var. Perf. Opus One 181 [M/J02]
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Canticle to the Sun Jones (hn) Naxos 559335 [M/J08]
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Discover the Wind Falletta Naxos 559723 [J/F13]
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Fire, Ice, and Summer Bronze Falletta Naxos 559335 [M/J08]
Quiet in the Land Falletta Naxos 559335 [M/J08]
Spring Rhythm Falletta Naxos 559335 [M/J08]
United Artists Falletta Naxos 559335 [M/J08]
FURRER, Bent 3 Klavierstücke Hodges (p) Kairos 1238 [M/A06]
Phasma Hodges (p) Kairos 1238 [M/A06]
Voicelessness Hodges (p) Kairos 1238 [M/A06]
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Veils Rose BMOP 1005 [J/F09]
Wilde Sylvan (bari) BMOP 1005 [J/F09]
GALBRAITH, Nancy Aeolian Muses (cl, bsn, p) Elan 82414 [J/A99]
Incantation&Allegro(ob, bsn, p) Elan 82414 [J/A99]
Quartet 1 Qr.LatinoAm Elan 82414 [J/A99]
Rhythms & Rituals (ww, p) Elan 82414 [J/A99]
GANDOLFI, Michael Bassoon Concerto Svoboda BMOP 1028 [J/F14]
Engaging Richard Feynman Spano ASO 1001 [J/A11]
Fantasia Radnovsky (alto sax) BMOP 1028 [J/F14]
From the Institutes of Grove Subero (b trbn) BMOP 1028 [J/F14]
Garden of Cosmic Speculation Spano Telarc 80696 [M/J08]
Points of Departure Rose BMOP 1002 [S/O08]
QED Spano ASO 1001 [J/A11]
Themes from a Midsummer Night Rose BMOP 1002 [S/O08]
Y2K Compliant Rose BMOP 1002 [S/O08]
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Lovers Besieged Diemecke BIS 1779 [M/J14]
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Half Holiday Sutherland ASV 2125 [J/A00]
Irish Suite Sutherland ASV 2125 [J/A00]
Prelude Sutherland ASV 2125 [J/A00]
Sinfonia Piccola Sutherland ASV 2125 [J/A00]
Symphony 3 Sutherland ASV 2125 [J/A00]
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Quartet 2 Apartment House Cold Blue 31 [S/O09]
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Triple Overture Bekovas Chandos 9831 [N/D00]
Viola Concerto Tomter Chandos 9831 [N/D00]
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Cancionero de Pedrell Benet (t) HM 1951500 [N/D08]
Haiku Benet (t) HM 1951500 [N/D08]
Pandora Pons HM 1951500 [N/D08]
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Ignis (str trio) Giger etc. ECM 465648 [J/F01]
Karma Shadub Kaljuste ECM 465648 [J/F01]
O Ignis Kaljuste ECM 465648 [J/F01]
Organum Giger etc. ECM 465648 [J/F01]
Tropus Kaljuste ECM 465648 [J/F01]
GILBERT, Anthony 6 of the Bestiary(sax qr) RNCM New Ens. NMC 68 [M/J01]
Dream Carousels Turner NMC 68 [M/J01]
Igorochki NMC 68 [M/J01]
Quartet of Beasts (fl,ob,bsn,p) NMC 68 [M/J01]
Towards Asavari NMC 68 [M/J01]
GLASS, Philip Violin Concerto McDuffie Telarc 0494 [J/F00]
GLICKMAN, Sylvia Am I a Murderer? Rodescu (b) Albany 446 [N/D01]
Carved in Courage Spieth Albany 446 [N/D01]
The Walls are Quiet Now Spieth Albany 446 [N/D01]
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Lullabies Stryncl ECM 8506 [M/J07]
Magnificat Stryncl ECM 8506 [M/J07]
Maykomashmalon Stryncl ECM 8506 [M/J07]
Regina Coeli Stryncl ECM 8506 [M/J07]
Stabat Mater Stryncl ECM 8506 [M/J07]
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Breath and Shadow Ullery (bsn) Koch 7679 [N/D07]
Festoons Koch 7679 [N/D07]
From a Dream of Russia St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Koch 7679 [N/D07]
Luna Rugosa St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Koch 7679 [N/D07]
Pomp and Revelry St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Koch 7679 [N/D07]
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Surrogate Cities Rundel ECM 1688 [S/O00]
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Pastorals Knussen Naxos 573052 [J/A13]
When Adam Fell Knussen Naxos 573052 [J/A13]
GOEYVAERTS, Karel Avontuur (p) Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Belise dans un Jardin Vilnius Choir Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Erst das Gesicht Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Improperia Vilnius Choir Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Litanies Vis Megadisc 7872 [M/A00]
Mon doux Pilote… Flemish Rad. Ch. Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Pourque les Fruits Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
Zomerspelen Megadisc 7829 [M/J01]
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Ishi Goldstein (vn) New World 80676 [J/A08]
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Last Round St. Lawrence & Ying Qr EMI 57356 [S/O02]
Lullaby & Doina O’Connor (fl), Palmer (cl) EMI 57356 [S/O02]
Yiddishbbuk St. Lawrence Qr EMI 57356 [S/O02]
Youth without Youth Popa DG 477-6603 [M/A08]
GORB, Adam Ascent Heron NMC 154 [J/F 11]
Farewell Reynish NMC 154 [J/F 11]
Scenes from Bruegel Rundell NMC 154 [J/F 11]
Towards Nirvana Reynish? NMC 154 [J/F 11]
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Light is Calling Reynolds (vn) Nonesuch 79801 [J/A04]
(misc. pieces) (var.) Nonesuch 79801 [J/A04]
Trance Icebreaker Cantaloupe 21018 [M/J05]
Van Gogh Alarm Will Sound Cantaloupe 21044 [J/A08]i
GORECKI, Henryk Beatus Vir Wit Naxos 55537 [S/O01]
Broad Waters Blaszcyk Dux 924 [S/O13]
Concerto-Cantata Wincenc (fl) Naxos 572872 [S/O12]
Dances Wit Naxos 572872 [S/O12]
Harpsichord Concerto Gorecka (hpsi) Naxos 572872 [S/O12]
Little Requiem for a Certain Polka Gorecka (p) Naxos 572872 [S/O12]
Piano Concerto Gorecki (p) Dux 924 [S/O13]
Quartet 3 Kronos Qr Nonesuch 104380 [J/A07]
Symphony 2 Wit Naxos 55537 [S/O01]
GORECKI, Mikolaj Concerto Notturno Danczowska (vn) Dux 924 [S/O13]
Nocturne Blaszcyk Dux 924 [S/O13]
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Clere Venus Parent (s) Centrediscs 11506 [N/D06]
Heureaux qui, comme… Parent (s) Centrediscs 11506 [N/D06]
Jeux de cordes Erato Qr Centrediscs 11506 [N/D06]
GRAEF, Friedemann Bald seid ihr im Garten Jones MMC 2046 [J/A99]
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48 Responses to Polymorphia Mos Nonesuch 530223 [J/A12]
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Et Expecto Farmer (acc) Black Box 1056 [J/F03]
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GUETTEL, Adam Myths & Hymns Sperling Nonesuch 79530 [J/A99]
GUTCHE, Gene Bongo Divertimento Dahlgren CRI 825 [J/A00]
Genghis Khan Mester CRI 825 [J/A00]
Icarus Zinman CRI 825 [J/A00]
Symphony 5 Rudolf CRI 825 [J/A00]
HAGEN, Daron Bandana: Overture; sel Haithcock Arsis 123 [J/F02]
Forward! Haithcock Arsis 123 [J/F02]
Heart of the Stranger Haithcock Arsis 123 [J/F02]
Songs Kreider (bari) Arsis 119 [J/A00]
Trios 1-4 Finisterra Trio Naxos 559657 J/F11]
Violin & Viola Music Neftel, Noble Arsis 111 [J/A00]
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Symphony 3 Lockington Naxos 559295 [M/J07]
HALPER, Matthew Flute Concerto Risinger Albany 821 [S/O06]
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Motetum Archangeli Michaelis Parkman BIS 1048 [M/J00]
HAMBURG, Jeff Convections Hochseid(vc) Donemus 87 [M/J01]
Mode II Pameijer (fl) Donemus 87 [M/J01]
2 Pieces Van Ruth(p) Donemus 87 [M/J01]
Raptide Gimeno(vn) Donemus 87 [M/J01]
Songs from Joshe Kalb Kweksilber(s) Donemus 87 [M/J01]
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Red Earth & Pouring Rain Bayashri (voice) Alba 320 [M/A12)
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Book of Hours and Seasons Lieberson (mz) Naxos 559188 [J/F 07]
Emerson Hoose New World 80613 [M/J04]
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Fantasia on a Ground Lydian Qr Musica Omnia 110 [J/F02]
Full Moon in March Rose BMOP 1010 [S/O09]
Mirabai Songs Baty (mz) BMOP 1010 [S/O09]
Mirabai Songs Resick (s) Bridge 9200 [M/J07]
Motets Koch 7945 [J/F06]
Motetti di Montale (bks.3-4) Hunt (mz) Archetype 60106 [M/J99]
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North & South Hunt Lieberson (mz) Naxos 559188 [J/F07]
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Oboe/Clarinet Concerto (reissue) Yoo Bridge 9200 [M/J07]
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Quartet 1 Lydian Qr Centaur 2985 [M/A10]
Quartet 2 Lydian Qr Centaur 2985 [M/A10]
Quartet 3 Lydian Qr Centaur 2985 [M/A10]
Quartet 3 Lydian Qr Musica Omnia 110 [J/F02]
Quartet 4 Lydian Qr Centaur 2985 [M/A10]
Quartet #4 Orion Qr Koch 194 [M/A05]
Rewaking, The Labelle (s) Musica Omnia 110 [J/F 02]
Snow Country Pearson (ob) Archetype 60106 [M/J99]
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Thanks, Victor Lydian Qr Musica Omnia 110 [J/F02]
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In Memory of Victor Jowers (Eng Hn, hp) Van de Ven Kleos 5141 [M/A07]
Marriage at the Eiffel Tower etc. Palement Mode 122 [S/O03]
Mass for St. Cecilia's Day Paiement Kleos 5141 [M/A07]
New Moon Paiement Kleos 5141 [M/A07]
Percussion Works vol.2 Tammitam Perc. Dynamic 263 [J/F01]
Percussion Works vol.3 Tammitam Perc. Dynamic 359 [N/D01]
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Pied Beauty Hillhouse (mz) Kleos 5141 [M/A07]
Scenes from Cavafy Powell New World 80710 [J/F11]
Soedjamako Set Powell New World 80710 [J/F11]
Solstice Davies New World 80666 [S/O07]
Strict Songs Paiement New World 80666 [S/O07]
Trio Mirecourt Trio M&A1073 [M/A01]
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HARTKE, Stephen Clarinet Concerto Stolzman Naxos 559201 [J/F04]
Gradus Stern Naxos559201 [J/F04]
Pacific Rim Stern Naxos559201 [J/F04]
Rose of the Winds Stern Naxos 559201 [J/F04]
Symphony 3 Hilliard Ens, Maazel New World 80648 [N/D06]
HARVEY, Jonathan Bird Concerto with Plainsong Nagano (p) NMC 177 [M/J12]
Madonna of Winter & Spring Eotvos Nimbus 5649 [N/D00]
Other Presences Archibald (tpt) NMC 177 [M/J12]
Percussion Concerto Prommel Nimbus 5649 [N/D00]
Ricercare una Melodia Hulse (ob); Gill (vc) NMC 177 [M/J12]
Song Offerings Walmsley-Clark (s) Nimbus 5649 [N/D00]
HATZIS, Christos De Angelis Adams CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Everlasting Light Adams CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Fertility Rites Johnston (marimba) CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Footprints in the Snow (tape) CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Hunter’s Dream (tape) CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Pyrrichean Dances Golani (va)/Johnston (perc) CBC 5243 [M/A07]
Quartet 1 (ens) CBC 1156 [M/J03]
Quartet #1 St. Lawrence Qr EMI 58038 [S/O05]
Quartet #2 St. Lawrence Qr EMI 58038 [S/O05]
Telluric Dances Lemieux (ob) CBC 5243 [M/A07]
HEFTI, David Philip Quartet 1 Leipzig Qr MDG 307 1773 [M/J13]
Quartet 2 Leipzig Qr MDG 307 1773 [M/J13]
Quartet 3 Leipzig Qr MDG 307 1773 [M/J13]
Quartet 4 Leipzig Qr MDG 307 1773 [M/J13]
HELPS, Robert Études Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Fantasy Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Image Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Portrait Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Quartet Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Recollections Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Solo Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
Starscape Niskala Albany 958 [M/A08]
HELWEG, Kim Madrigali di Giounni Christensen (tp) Rondo 8369 [N/D99]
Return of Don Juan Schonwandt Rondo 8369 [N/D99]
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Piano Concerto 2 Plagge CPO 999322 [S/O00]
Poems Layer Accord 4767156 [S/O05]
Requiem Henze Cybel 3 M/J11]
Selva Incantata,La Layer Accord 4767156 [S/O05]
Symphony 1 Janowski Wergo 6724 [M/A14]
Symphony 2 Janowski Wergo 6725 [J/A14]
Symphony 3 Janowski Wergo 6723 [J/F12]
Symphony 4 Janowski Wergo 6723 [J/F12]
Symphony 5 Janowski Wergo 6723 [J/F12]
Symphony 6 Janowski Wergo 6724 [M/A14]
Symphony 9 Janowski Wergo 6722 [M/A10]
Symphony 10 Layer Accord 4767156 [S/O05]
Symphony 10 Janowski Wergo 6725 [J/A14]
Telemanniana Markson CPO 999322 [S/O00]
HIGDON, Jennifer Amazing Grace Serafin Qr Naxos 559752 [J/F14]
Dark Wood Stromberg (bsn) + Naxos 559752 [J/F14]
Dash Verismo Trio Albany 1395 [J/A13]
Dooryard Bloom Ford (bari) Telarc 80673 [S/O09]
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Impressions Cypress Qr Naxos 559298 [M/J07]
Legacy Fadial (vn) Albany 1395 [J/A13]
Light Refracted Palmer (cl) + Bridge 9379 [J/A13]
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Scenes from a Poet's Dreams Graffman (p) Bridge 9379 [J/A13]
Sky Quartet Serafin Qr Naxos 559752 [J/F14]
Song Riner (fl) Albany 1395 [J/A13]
String Trio Serafin Qr Naxos 559752 [J/F14]
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Trio (var) Naxos 559298 [M/J07]
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Portfolio New World 80694 [J/F09]
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Summer Nights Variations Ens Camena Col Legno 20218 [N/D04]
Wandlungen 3 Ens Camena Col Legno 20218 [N/D04] it
HIROSE, Ryohei [11 works] var. Camerata 516 [M/A99]
HOLMBOE, Vagn Ballata Ensemble MidtVest Dacapo 822-6073 [J/F12]
Flute Sonata (solo) Charlotte Norholt (fl) Dacapo 822-6073 [J/F12]
Gioco Ensemble MidtVest Dacapo 822-6073 [J/F12]
Primavera Ensemble MidtVest Dacapo 822-6073 [J/F12]
Quartet 13 Kontra Qr. Marco Polo 8224127 [M/J00]
Quartet 15 Kontra Qr Marco Polo 822-4127 [M/J00]
Quartetto Ensemble MidtVest Dacapo 822-6073 [J/F12]
HOOVER, Catherine Double Concerto Perry, Beia (vn) Parnassus 96019 [J/A99]
Eleni Suben Parnassus 96019 [J/A99]
Night Skies Suben Parnassus 96019 [J/A99]
Sketches Suben Parnassus 96019 [J/A99]
HOLT, Simon Boots of Lead Shaham (mz) NMC 94 {M/J05]
Eco-Pavan Hind (p) NMC 94 {M/J05]
Feet of Clay Heinen (vc) NMC 94 {M/J05]
Kites Brabbins NMC 94 {M/J05]
Lilith Brabbins NMC 94 {M/J05]
HOLTEN, Bo Ebbe Skammelson Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
First Snow Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
Psalm 104; Ego flos campi Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
Tallis Fantasy Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
Triumph to Exist Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
Wisdom and Folly Holten Chandos 10320 {N/D05]
HOMANS, Peter Quintino Wheeler Navona 5811 [S/O09]
HORVITZ, Wayne Joe Hill Knapp New World 80672 [S/O08]
HRABOVSKY, Leonid And It Will Be (mz) TNC 1448 [J/F03]
Concerto Misterioso Continuum TNC 1448 [J/F03]
Hlas I & II (vc) (bcl) TNC 1448 [J/F03]
Kogda (mz) TNC 1448 [J/F03]
HUBER, Nicolaus A. Air with Sphinxes Rundel Coviello 61003 [N/D10]
Same Is Not the Same, The Römer (snare drum) Coviello 61003 [N/D10]
White Etching Rundel Coviello 61003 [N/D10]
With a Bit of Extremism & A Muscle Coda Saraste Coviello 61003 [N/D10]
HUI, Melissa And Blue Sparks Burn Berard (vn) Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
Come As You Are Kulesha Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
From Dusk To Dawn Kulesha Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
Lachrymosa Kutan (s) Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
One Voice Monson (fl) Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
When Soft Voices Die Wong (p) Centrediscs 10605 [J/A06]
HUSA, Karel Cello Concerto York Ablaze 8 [M/A12]
Pastorale Lloyd Ablaze 8 [M/A12]
Scenes from the Trojan Women Lloyd Ablaze 8 [M/A12]
HYLA, Lee At Suma Beach Nessinger (mz) BMOP 1003 [S/O08]
Bass Clarinet Concerto Smith New World 80614 [J/A04]
Field Guide Firebird Tzadik 8093 [J/A13]
Life on the Plains Firebird Tzadik 8093 [J/A13]
Lives of the Saints Rose BMOP 1003 [S/O08]
Polish Folk Songs Firebird Tzadik 8093 [J/A13]
Trans Rose New World 80614 [J/A04]
Violin Concerto Frautschi New World 80614 [J/A04]
INCE, Kamran Before Infrared Ince Naxos 572653 [S/O11]
Domes Ince Naxos 557588 [N/D05]
Hot, Red, Cold, Vibrant Ince Naxos 572653 [S/O11]
Requiem without Words Ince Naxos 572653 [S/O11]
Symphony 3 Ince Naxos 557588 [N/D05]
Symphony 4 Ince Naxos 557588 [N/D05]
Symphony 5 Ince Naxos 572653 [S/O11]
IVES, Charles Ives plays Ives Ives (p) CRI 810 [J/F00,arc]
IYER, Vijay Mutations Cuckson + ECM 20038 [M/J14]
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JOHNSON, Tom Rational Melodies Dedalus New World 80705 [M/J10]
JOHNSTON, Ben Quartet 1 Kepler Qr New World 80693 [M/J11]
Quartet 4 Fine Arts Qr Gasparo 1020 [S/O07]
Quartet 5 Kepler Qr New World 80693 [M/J11]
Quartet 10 Kepler Qr New World 80693 [M/J11]
JOKINEN, Erkki Alone Farmer (acc) Black Box 1056 [J/F03]
KAGEL, Mauricio 1 8 9 8 Kagel DG 459570 [N/D99]
Compass Pieces Schoenberg Ens Montaigne 782140 [J/F02]
Duodramen Kagel Naxos 570179 [M/J07]
Fantasy Pieces Schoenberg Ens Montaigne782140 [J/F02]
Heterophonie Gielen Wergo 6645 [S/O02]
Improvisation Ajoutee Zacher (org) Wergo 6645 [S/O02]
Liturgien Kagel Naxos 570179 [M/J07]
Music for Renaissance Instr. Kagel DG 459570 [N/D99]
Szenario Kagel Naxos 570179 [M/J07]
KANCHELI, Giya Amao Omi Rascher Sax Qr ECM 12218 [M/J09]
Diplipito Ragin (ct) ECM 2621 [S/O04]
Little Imber Stok, Memanishvili ECM 12218 [M/J09]
Piano Quartet Bridge Ensemble ECM 4234 [J/A05]
Styx Bashmet (va) DG 471494 [S/O02]
Styx Rysanov (va) Onyx 4023 [J/F08]
Time & Again Bridge Ensemble ECM 4234 [J/A05]
V&V Kremer (vn) ECM 4234 [J/A05]
Valse Boston Davies ECM 2621 [S/O04]
KARAINDROU, Eleni Elegy of the Uprooting Myrat ECM 7327 [J/F07]
Trojan Women Hellenic Fest. ECM 472139 [S/O02]
Weeping Meadow La Camerata, Athens ECM 472139 [N/D04]
KAUFMAN, Frederick Catalan Concertante Miami Qr Klavier 11123 [M/A02]
Clarinet Quintet Green (cl) Klavier 11123 [M/A02]
Mobile Quartet Miami Qr Klavier 11123 [M/A02]
Quartet 3 Miami Qr Klavier 11123 [M/A02]
KELLOGG, Daniel Divinum Mysterium 8th Blackbird Cedille 76 [S/O04]
KERNIS, Aaron Air Bell (vn) Argo 460226 [S/O99]
Air Fan (vc) Black Box 1107 [S/O07]
Air Mork (vc) Virgin 45464 [M/A02]
Air Schultz (vn) Phoenix 142 [S/O 99]
Before Sleep & Dreams Luest (p) Phoenix 142 [S/O99]
Before Sleep & Dreams Russo (p) Black Box 1107 [S/O07]
Colored Field Mork (vc) Virgin 45464 [M/A02]
Double Concerto Lin (v), Isbin(vc) Argo 460226 [S/O99]
Goblin Market New Professionals Signum 186 [M/J11]
100 Greatest Dance Hits Tanenbaum (g),Kashii Qr Black Box 1107 [S/O07]
Invisible Mosaic New Professionals Signum 186 [M/J11]
Invisible Mosaic III Wolff Phoenix USA 160 [M/J06]
Lament & Prayer Frank (vc) Argo 460226 [S/O99]
Meditation Fan (vc) Black Box 1107 [S/O07]
Meditation Finckel (vc) Phoenix 142 [S/O99]
Musica Celestis Oue Virgin 45464 [M/A02]
Musica Celestis Wolff Phoenix USA 160 [M/J06]
Newly Drawn Sky Kalmar Cedille 105 [J/F09]
Quartet 1 Jasper Qt Sono Luminus 92152 [S/O12]
Quartet 1 Lark Qt Phoenix USA 165 [J/F07]
Quartet 1 Lark Qt. Arabesque 6727 [S/O99]
Quartet 2 Jasper Qt Sono Luminus 92152 [J/F12]
Quartet 2 Lark Qt Arabesque 6727 [S/O99]
Quattro Stagioni Spritzer (narr) Phoenix 142 [S/O99]
Superstar Étude 1 Russo (p) Black Box 1107 [S/O07]
Symphony in Waves Kalmar Cedille 105 [J/F09]
Symphony in Waves Schwarz Phoenix USA 165 [J/F07]
Symphony 2 Wolff Phoenix USA 160 [M/J06]
Too Hot Toccata Kalmar Cedille 105 [J/F 09]
KILAR, Wojciech Angelus Klosinska (s) Dux 484 [N/D05]
Angelus Papian (s) Naxos 554788 [J/A02]
Bogurodzica Wit Dux 484 [N/D05]
Choral Prelude Rajski Dux 708 [N/D11]
Exodus Wit Naxos 554788 [J/A02]
Exodus Wit Dux 484 [N/D05]
Krzesany Wit Naxos 554788 [J/A02]
Lament Wojnarowski Accord 130 [J/A05]
Orawa Rajski Dux 708 [N/D11]
Paschal Hymn Blaszczyk Dux 781 [M/J11]
Piano Concerto Jablonski Dux 708 [N/D11]
September Symphony Wit Accord 130 [J/A05]
Solemn Overture Blaszczyk Dux 781 [M/J11]
Symphony 5 Blasczyk Dux 781 [M/J11]
Victoria Wit Naxos 554788 [J/A02]
KIRCHNER, Leon Duo 2 Cerovsek (vn) Albany 1177 [S/O10]
Flutings Robison (fl) Albany 1177 [S/O10]
Sonata Concertante Shapiro (vn) Albany 1177 [S/O10]
Trio 1 Kalichstein+ Albany 1177 [S/O10]
Trio 2 Kalichstein+ Albany 1177 [S/O10]
Amicta Sole Melienteva (s) ECM 4887 [S/O05]
KNAIFEL, Alexander Psalm 51 Rostropovich (vc) ECM 4887 [S/O05]
KNAPIK, Eugenius Quartet 1 Dafo Qr Dux 374 [N/D02]
KNUSSEN, Oliver Autumnal Wood (vn) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Cantata Hulse (ob) NMC 175 [S/O12]
Choral Knussen NMC 178 [M/A13]
Coursing Knussen NMC 175 [S/O12]
Ophelia Dances Nash Ensemble NMC 175 [S/O12]
Ofelia's Last Dance Wigglesworth (p) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Prayer Bell Sketch Wigglesworth (p) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Requiem Booth (s) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Secret Psalm Wood (vn) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Symphony 2 Thomas NMC 175 [S/O12]
Symphony 3 Thomas NMC 175 [S/O12]
Violin Concerto Josefowicz (vn) NMC 178 [M/A13]
Whitman Settings Booth (s) NMC 178 [M/A13]
KOCH, Jasper Alice Under Skies Brown DaCapo 8226502 [N/D04]
Earth My Likeness Brown DaCapo8226502 [N/D04]
In Memoriam Glushchenko DaCapo8226502 [N/D04]
Memory of a Summer Day Elmark (s) DaCapo8226502 [N/D04]
KOTCHE, Glenn Clapping Music Variations Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
Fantasy on a Shona Theme Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
Individual Trains Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
Monkey Chant Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
Projections of (What) Might Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
Reductions or Imitations Kotche Nonesuch 79927 [J/A06]
KREIN, Alexander Jewish Sketches (cl, qn) Cambridge NMP Largo 5136 [S/O99]
Little Poem Powell (p) Largo 5136 [S/O99]
Ornaments Lawrence (mz) Largo 5136 [S/O99]
Piano Sonata Powell Largo 5136 [S/O99]
Symphony 1 Brabbins Largo5136 [S/O99]
KRENEK, Ernst Adagio and Fugue Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
Easy Pieces Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
Short Pieces, 5 Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
Sinfonietta a Brasileira Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
Symphonic Elegy Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
Symphonic Piece Kovacic Capriccio 5033 [J/F10]
KUPFERMAN, Meyer Among the Windy Places (bn, v, va) Soundspells 127 [J/A00]
And 5 Quartets Freeman Soundspells 136 J/F05
Faust Concerto Kupferman Soundspells 127 [J/A00]
4- Guitar Concerto Starobin+ Soundspells 124 [J/A99]
Invisible Borders Freeman Soundspells 136 J/F05
Poetics 9 Barrios Soundspells 124 [J/A99]
Symphony for 6 Cortese Soundspells 124 [J/A99]
When the Air Moves Freeman Soundspells 136 [J/F05]
KURTAG, György Concertante Kikuchi (vn), Haki (va) BMC 129 [M/J08]
Games Kurtags (p 4h) BMC 129 [M/J08]
Hipartita Kikuchi (vn) BMC 129 [M/J08]
Kafka Fragments Banse (s) ECM 5918 [M/J06]
Signs, Games & Messages Barbetti (va) Mode 630 [J/A 11]
Signs, Games & Messages Kashkashian (va) ECM 17196 [J/F13]
Viola Pieces Barbetti (va) Mode 630 [J/A11]
Zwiegespräch Kurtag, Kurtag Jr. (p, synth) BMC 129 [M/J08]
KUUSISTO, Jaako Laika Kuusisto BIS 2020 [J/F14]
Violin Concerto Vahala BIS 2020 [J/F14]
KYR, Robert Clouds of Unknowing Hella Johnson Harmonia Mundi 807577 [N/D14]
Singer's Ode Hella Johnson Harmonia Mundi 807577 [N/D14]
Songs of the Soul Hella Johnson Harmonia Mundi 807577 [N/D14]
LACHENMANN, Helmut Ausklang Eötvös ColLegno31862 [N/D06]
Feelings Eotvos ECM 1789 [M/A03]
Feelings Zender Kairos 1220 [M/J02]
Consolation I + II Nussbaum Kairos 1220 [M/J02]
Mouvement Eotvos ECM 1789 [M/A03]
Mouvement Zender Kairos1220 [M/J02]
Notturno Nott Kairos1214 [J/A03]
Nun Zender Kairos1214 [J/A03]
Quartet 1 Arditti Qr Kairos 1266 [S/O08]
Quartet 2 Arditti Qr Kairos 1266 [S/O08]
Quartet 3 Arditti Qr Kairos 1266 [S/O08]
Schwankungen am Rand Eotvos ECM 461949 [M/A03]
Tableau Eötvös ColLegno 31862 [N/D06]
LADERMAN, Ezra Quartet 6 Cassatt Qr Albany 473 [M/J02]
Quartet 7 Cassatt Qr Albany 473 [M/J02]
Quartet 8 Cassatt Qr Albany 473 [M/J02]
LAKNER, Yehoshua Piano Pieces Bachli, Ronner Guild 7214 [M/J02]
LAMBERT, Constant Elegy (p) Unwin Metier 92009 [J/F00]
LANG, David Again Hillier Harmonia Mundi 807496 [S/O09]
Cheating, Lying, Stealing Rose Naxos 559615 [M/A09]
Child Boccadero Cantaloupe 21013 [S/O03]
Evening Morning Day Hillier Harmonia Mundi 807496 [S/O09]
For Love Is Strong Hillier Harmonia Mundi 807496 [S/O09]
Heroin Rose Naxos 559615 [M/A09]
How to Pray European Music Project Cantaloupe 21029 [J/F06]
How to Pray Rose Naxos 559615 [M/A09]
I Lie Hillier Harmonia Mundi 807496 [S/O09]
Little Match Girl Passion Hillier Harmonia Mundi 807496 [S/O09]
Love Fail Anonymous 4 Cantaloupe 21100 [J/F14]
Men European Music Project Cantaloupe 21029 [J/F06]
Passing Measures Erlich Cantaloupe 21003 [S/O01]
Pierced Rose Naxos 559615 [M/A09]
Untitled (var.) Cantaloupe 21050 [J/A11]
Wed Moore (p) Cantaloupe 21029 [J/F06]
Wed Russo (p) Naxos 559615 [M/A09]
LANSKY, Paul Alphabet Book (elec) Bridge 9126 [M/A03]
Arches Brown Bridge 9405 [M/J14]
Études and Parodies Purvis(hn)Macomber(vn)Lee(p) Bridge 9222 [J/A07]
Horizons Fan (vc) Bridge 9405 [M/J14]
Imaginary Islands Brown Bridge 9366 [J/A12]
Line & Shadow Brown Bridge 9405 [M/J14]
Notes to Self Lee (p) Bridge 9405 [M/J14]
Partita Starobin (g) Bridge 9405 [M/J14]
Ricercare Plus Brentano Qr Bridge 9222 [J/A07]
Semi-Suite Starobin (g) Bridge 9222 [J/A07]
Spaceshifters Quattro Mani (2p) Bridge 9366 [J/A12]
With the Grain Starobin (g) Bridge 9366 [J/A12]
LARCHER, Thomas Böse Zellen Fellner (p) ECM 14314 [S/O10]
Cold Farmer Rosamunde Qr ECM 7471 [N/D06]
Lxxu Rosamunde Qr ECM 7471 [N/D06]
Madhares Davies ECM 14314 [S/O10]
Mumien Demenga (vc) ECM 7471 [N/D06]
My Illness is the Medicine I Need Brown (s) ECM 7471 [N/D06]
Padmore Cycle Padmore (t) Harmonia Mundi 907604 [J/A14]
Poems Stefanovich & Larcher (p) Harmonia Mundi 907604 [J/A14]
Smart Dust Larcher (prepared p) Harmonia Mundi 907604 [J/A14]
Still Kashkashian (va) ECM 14314 [S/O10]
What Becomes Stefanovich (p) Harmonia Mundi 907604 [J/A14]
LARSEN, Libby Deep Summer Music Alsop Koch 7520 [J/A01]
Gavel Patter CanAm Piano Duo Albany 1363 [J/F13]
Margaret Songs Tedards (s) MSR 1349 [J/A11]
Marimba Concerto Kinzie Koch 7520 [J/A01]
My Antonia Tedards (s) MSR 1349 [J/A11]
Solo Symphony Alsop Koch 7520 [J/A01]
Songs Kurtz Koch 7481 [N/D00]
Sonnets from the Portuguese Tedards (s) MSR 1349 [J/A11]
Symphony 4 Revzen Koch 7481 [N/D00]
Try Me, Good King Tedards (s) MSR 1349 [J/A11]
LAUTEN, Elodie Concerto for Piano & Orchestral MemoryLauten Unseen Worlds 5 [J/A10]
Piano Works Lauten Unseen Worlds 5 [J/A10]
Sonate Modale Lauten Unseen Worlds 5 [J/A10]
Variations on the Orange Cycle Lauten Unseen Worlds 5 [J/A10]
Waking in New York Duer (bari) + 4Tay 4023 [S/O03]
LAZAROF, Henri Encounters with Dylan Thomas Centaur 2519 [J/F02]
Symphony 3 Schwarz Centaur 2519 [J/F02]
LEE, Thomas Oboe Bisbigliando Zdurovetchi (hp) BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
Eurydice Popper-Keizer (vc) BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
Flute Concerto Brady (fl) BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
Persephone and the Four Seasons Slowik (ob) BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
Piano Concerto Levin BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
Violin Concerto Muresanu BMOP 1025 [M/J13]
LEES, Benjamin Symphony 4 Kuchar Naxos 559002 [M/J99]
LEIFS, Jon Beethoven Variations Shao BIS 930 [S/O 99]
Beethoven Variations Wilkinson ITM 46 [M/A08]
Dettifoss Erlingsson BIS 930 [S/O99]
Elegies Wilkinson ITM 46 [M/A08]
Fine I Manson BIS 1050 [J/F01]
Fine II Shao BIS 930 [S/O99]
Groa’s Spell Arnell ITM 901 [N/D00]
Hafis Manson BIS 930 [J/F01]
Lay of Gudrum Arnell ITM 901 [N/D00]
Lay of Gudrun Manson BIS 930 [J/F01]
Lay of Helgi Arnell ITM 901 [N/D00]
Lullaby Jonsdottir (mz) BIS1050 [J/F01]
Night Arnell ITM 901 [N/D00]
Night Manson BIS 1050 [J/F01]
Organ Concerto Solbergsson BIS 930 [S/O99]
Quintet Reykjavik Ch. ITM 46 [M/A08]
Scherzo Concreto Wilkinson ITM 46 [M/A08]
Songs BIS 1050 [J/F01]
Voice & Orchestra Manson BIS1050 [J/F01]
LENTZ, Daniel Caeli Enarrant 3 Coorey Naxos 557019 [M/J03]
Caeli Enarrant 4 Coorey Naxos 557019 [M/J03]
Caeli Enarrant 7 Coorey Naxos 557019 [M/J03]
LEON, Tania Arenas d'un Tiempo Continuum Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
Axon Kimura (vn) Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
Beilarin Starobin (g) Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
Horizons Ruzicka Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
Satine Grace, Rybak (2p) Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
Singin' Sepia Arnold (s) Bridge 9231 [J/A08]
LERDAHL, Fred Cross Currents Mann Bridge 9269 [J/F09]
Diatonic Studies Viitala (p) Bridge 9391
Duo Schulte (vn) Bridge 9269 [J/F09]
Fantasy Études Eighth Blackbird Bridge 9391 [N/D13]
Imbrications Argento Chamber Ens. Bridge 9391 [N/D13]
Marches Bridge 9191 [S/O06]
Oboe Quartet Bridge 9191 [S/O06]
Quartet 1 Daedalus Qt Bridge 9352 M/A 12]
Quartet 2 Daedalus Qt Bridge 9352 [M/A12]
Quartet 3 Daedalus Qt Bridge 9352 [M/A 12]
Quiet Music Mann Bridge 9269 [J/F09]
Spirals Eighth Blackbird Bridge 9391 [N/D13]
Time after Time Bridge 9191 [S/O06]
Wake Beardslee (s) Bridge 9391 [N/D13]
Waltzes Mann Bridge 9269 [J/F09]
Waves Orpheus Bridge 9191 [S/O06]
LEIBOWITZ, René Chamber music Schola Heidelberg Divox 21103 [S/O13]
Piano Music Schola Heidelberg Divox 21103 [S/O13]
Songs Schola Heidelberg Divox 21103 [S/O13]
Violin Concerto Gitlis Divox 21103 [S/O13]
LEVERING, Arthur Catena Berman (p) New World 80662 [J/A08]
Echoi Kitchen (vn) New World 80662 [J/A08]
Sppoooo Nunoya (vib) New World 80662 [J/A08]
Still Raining, Still Dreaming Wheeler New World 80662 [J/A08]
Tesserae Woolweaver (va) New World 80662 [J/A08]
LEVY, Ernst Symphony 12 Oberg Opus One 192 [M/A06]
LIANG, Lei Bamboo Lights Drury Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Gobi Gloria Jack Qr Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Lake Awea Duo Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Lakescape Drury Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Lakescape 2 Rootstock Percussion Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Listening for Blossoms Drury Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
Serashi Fragments Jack Qr Bridge 9425 [N/D14]
LIDERMAN, Jorge Aires de Sefarad Duo 46 Albany 829 [J/A06]
Barcelonazo Scatterday Bridge 9241 [J/A08]
Chacone New Pacific Trio Albany 951 [M/A08]
Chanson Boots (bcl) Albany 951 [M/A08]
Glimpses Winstin Bridge 9241 [J/A08]
Hoquetus New Pacific Trio Albany 951 [M/A08]
Many Moons Kihlstedt (vn) Albany 951 [M/A08]
Refrains Scatterday Bridge 9241 [J/A08]
Sidewalk New Pacific Trio Albany 951 [M/A08]
Song of Songs Milnes Bridge 9172 [S/O05]
Tempo Viejo Conzetti (perc) Albany 951 [M/A08]
That is Already Cheng (p) Albany 797 [M/A06]
Tropes Bell, Striplen (cl) Albany 951 [M/A 08[
Tropes IV Rubinsky(p) Albany 797 [M/A06]
Ut re mi fa sol la Heater (hpsi) Albany 951 [M/A08]
Wind-Up Toys Bugallo-Williams Duo Albany 797 [M/A06]
LIDHOLM, Ingvar Greetings from an Old World Jia BIS 1240 [M/A03]
Kontakion Jia BIS 1240 [M/A03]
Motus-colores Jia BIS 1200 [N/D03]
Mutanza Jia BIS1240 [N/D03]
Notturno-Canto Nordin (s) BIS 1200 [N/D03]
Poesis Jia BIS1240 [M/A03]
Riter Jia BIS1200 [N/D03]
Stund, nar ditt inre Jia BIS1200 [M/A03]
LIEBERMANN, Lowell Flute Concerto Zukerman Delos3256 [M/A01]
Symphony 2 Litton Delos3256 [M/A01]
LIEBERSON, Peter Horn Concerto Purvis Bridge 9178 [S/O06]
Neruda Songs Hunt-Lieberson (mz) Nonesuch 79954 [M/A07]
Neruda Songs O'Connor (mz) ASO 1002 [N/D11]
Piano Quintet P. Serkin + Bridge 9317 [S/O10]
Red Garuda Conlon Bridge 9317 [S/O 10]
Rilke Songs Hunt-Lieberson (mz) Bridge 9178 [S/O06]
Six Realms Fukacova (vc) Bridge 9178 [S/O06]
LIGETI, György Andante and Allegretto Parker Qr Naxos 570781 [M/J10]
Apparitions Nott Teldec 88261 [S/O02]
Atmospheres Lintu Ondine 1213 [M/A14]
Atmospheres Nott Teldec 88261 [S/O02]
Bagatelles Barry Tuckwell Qn EMI 27905 [J/F11]
Bagatelles Berlin Phil WW Qn BIS 1503 [J/A13]
Cello Concerto Teldec 87631 [J/A03]
Clocks & Clouds Nott Teldec87631 [J/A03]
Concert Romanese Nott Teldec 88261 [S/O02]
Double Concerto Teldec 82263 [S/O03]
Etudes Bks.1,3 Chung (p) Dynamic 434 [J/A04]
Étude 3, 17-18 Ullen (p) BIS 1503 [J/A13]
Fantasies after Hölderlin Relbel EMI 27905 [J/F11]
Hamburg Concerto Nott Teldec88263 [S/O03]
Hungarian Songs & Studies Relbel EMI 27905 [J/F11]